Addressing The Rumours.

Hey Guys!

I was not planning on announcing this in a public way but it has come to my attention that people wish to make up stories about why I have resigned (or even if I resigned) as a moderator for Amaretto and Mystical Creatures or if I’m leaving SL or whatever.

I have been moderating the groups for Amaretto since February 2016 and it was a job I enjoyed doing, mingling with the wider community and getting to know a lot of you guys that breed. However, just like anything in life – it is never forever. The pandemic has changed a lot of things for a lot of people – I don’t just mean deaths, or losing jobs but also provided a wider insight to a lot of people about just how fragile life itself is and what really is important, and what is less important.

With that being said – at the start of this year (2021) I told myself that I needed to be happy doing what I am doing across all of my life – RL and SL, and there have been some big changes made in my RL this year in regards to that. I also said that if I was unhappy with anything to do with my SL, such as the websites or modding or whatever that I would quit towards the end of the year. I gave myself a lot of time before making any decisions.

I am not going to divulge the reasons why I quit or what left me deciding to quit as they are private reasons between me and Amaretto/Mystical Creatures – and they should remain like that. All you guys need to know is it’s a private matter and I decided that it was time to move on from doing that and it really has no bearing on anything relating to the community.

I have nothing but respect for Josie, Ava and the team over at Amaretto/Mystical Creatures – they work extremely hard to put out amazing breedables.

What does this mean for TAF? TMF? nothing. I am still going to be around the community and helping with what I can – I have been taking a small break from the community and will continue to do so for some days but I will be back in a more active way soon.

Finally, if you guys need help for your animals please seek another moderator – I mean I am not going to just ignore you if you message me or anything like that but I ask that you respect my choice to walk away from doing that kind of work. – If you need to ask me about TMF and TAF or just want a chat then of course you can still message me 😀


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Addressing The Rumours.

  • MasterKaneHoH Resident

    HI thanks for all the hard work and effort over the years as for rumors well there are have and always will be rumors unfortunately as a wise man once told me rumors reflect far stronger on the person saying them than the person they are about

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