DISCORD GIVEAWAY!! – Win some Dragons and/or Feeders!

Hey Guys!

So I’d like to do a little giveaway for all you guys that are supporting TMF!

The giveaway is going to be held on our discord server! – you can join our discord by clicking this link:


How to win you say?? Well a few simple steps!

You must join the following things to have a chance at winning 1 Drake and 3 Female Dragonesses AND also have a chance at winning one of our 4 launch edition auto feeders!

Join our inworld group! (copy and paste the line below into your local chat in world and the group will show)

Join the OFFICIAL Mystical Creatures Discord channel by using this link: https://discord.gg/Evx5Cz8GvF – you may be thinking why do I have to join 2 discords? well one is created by the Official team behind the creation of the dragons so it is good to keep up with what is going on with them and our own Discord (TMF) has the ability for you guys to talk about trade, sales, auctions and marketplaces and giveaways such as this one!

Once you have done those 3 things you need to visit the giveaways channel on The Mystical Family discord and click the 🎉 emoji under EACH bot announcement for EACH giveaway!
The contest will run for 1 week! a winner will be automatically chosen by the bot and will then be verified as being in the above 3 places. If the person is not in the 2 discords and our inworld group we shall select a new winner!

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