The Mystical Family is a 3rd party community run by myself, Sebastian Vanlager. What does 3rd party mean?, well The Mystical Family is in no way shape or form run by the creators of Mystical Creatures and is thus not an “official” site. However, I have been working closely with Amaretto (over 5 years) and Mystical Creatures as a group moderator. I have also run The Amaretto Family ( for almost 6 years and provided up to date information for that community as well as maintained an auction schedule.

The goals of this community:

This website is created with the sole purpose of enhancing the experience of breeding Mystical Creature breedables. The goal is to provide a stable platform that users can interact with, share their breedings, make friends and also help others navigate the world of breeding which can be daunting for new comers while also keeping up to date with anything new!

Support the breedable, support the market and support each other.

Join our groups in-world:

Copy and paste the lines below into your local chat in-world.

The Mystical Family Main Group: secondlife:///app/group/0ce59b94-967b-dc99-06ea-36fa27afaa8a/about

The Mystical Family Pricing Group: secondlife:///app/group/f3a20735-d897-af2c-d374-db7e9399f1a0/about

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