The Mystical Family Website Update + Schedule Upgrade + Discord Giveaway

Hey Everyone!

As you will all have been aware, TMF has been under maintenance the past few days and this had to happen in order for me to finish the upgrades to the site. I want to explain a few things in this post regarding the upgrades and touch upon a few things I have heard around the community in recent days to clear up any misconceptions.

As many of you guys that have submitted auctions to the site may have noticed – the time to list them has not always been the quickest, the reason for this is simple; The upgrade process for this site started 3-4 weeks ago and my focus has been solely on getting this together as quickly and as smoothly as possible. In order for me to have done this, I had set days and times aside to update the old schedule so that it was not a constant thing I had to change every day as this upgrade had my attention – it is also worth mentioning here that I do also moderate the groups for Mystical Creatures and during the launch of the dragons I have had to make sure you guys could get help when you needed it in those groups as well as sort the good old real life!. So going forward, auctions that you submit to TMF should be listed sooner.

To touch upon something else I have heard from you guys over the past days is certain people pushing the idea that TMF and its schedule is affiliated directly with Mystical Creatures, as in that Mystical Creatures the company is linked to this site. This is incorrect – I run this site third party, although I am a moderator for Mystical Creatures, TMF and also TAF are both my own projects and are in no way controlled by Mystical Creatures.

The other going rumour is that my schedule is not free or that you have to be an official marketplace to join the schedule, this is also incorrect. Anyone is free to join the schedule, official marketplace or not. TMF is for you guys – the breeders, it’s meant to be a community tool that will enhance your experience of the entire community.

On a more personal note, I am aware of a few issues going on in the community and to be blunt here – the use of smearing, degrading and bullying people over pricing or who owns what auction house, or who is doing the same auction at the same time someone else is or who follows what rules and who operates whatever third party product is honestly extremely sad. Our community should be welcoming and embracing these new animals. I ask you all to be kind to one another and think outside of the box… we are a community that enjoys breeding – that should flourish if it’s allowed to. So I ask that when you hear such information that you think twice about believing or taking part in such stuff because it will not promote the community in the long run.

With all that soapbox talk finished I would like to proudly show all of you guys our new schedule, you can check it here: – it is super easy to navigate and is much nicer than the old one!

The process for getting your auctions listed is the same as before – you must be registered to this site, logged in and submit your auction times at this link here: – I ask that you please only submit your auctions when you are 100% sure you are going to stick to those times as that will save me work having to change them lots – some of you more than others change auction times more than some people change their underwear which from my experience only confuses breeders as they end up not having a clue when your auction times actually are.

Our current list of auctions by auction house are: (please click to see the auction house’s full list of upcoming auctions):

The Nest Egg

E&S Mystical Creatures

Hidden Meadows



Breedables Temple


Gonzaga Valley Mystical Creatures

Siren’s Hollow

InSpired Dragons & Roses

Creature Kingdom

Howling Moon

Native Soul Island Dragon Auctions

North 40

Dream Mystic Fantasy

Boutique Mystical Rainy

The Roof Top

PawZ Auction & Breedables

Shadow Wolf Ranch

Horsin’ Around

Royal Breedables


The Dragon’s Element

Harmony Breedables

Auction owners should take note of your listing links as you can link your patrons easily to a list of your auctions on their own.

We also have a new blog design that you guys can check here: (you are reading an article on it now)

Our new menu at the top of the website is also cleaner, and simpler to navigate.

Going forward I hope you all enjoy the new site design – it has all the same features as before, like social feed (activity stream), profiles, groups, forums, etc so nothing is missing and in fact, we have a few fun things in the works to be added to the site.

I would also like to invite you all to our discord channel – we have over 150 people on there, so please join! – I will be giving away an Earth Urliol Dragoness in our giveaway section of the discord very soon so get prepared! –

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